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optimize Optimize Your Revenue

Our huge database of people and contact info helps you understand your customers, market better, and generate more leads.

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optimize Gain Customer Insight

Our "Layering technology" helps you match people to phone numbers, emails and addresses. Now you'll know more about customers and enhance your CRM.

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optimize Fraud and Compliance

Use our data to verify customers, match transactions, and build fraud scores. We make compliance easier and help improve identity protection.

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Perfect for Developers


Data The Way You Want It

Looking to build your own application? It's all there in our API. We treat our API with the same care we treat our data and our end-product, because we know that our API IS our product.

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Behind every great front-end must be a great back-end. Stop fuddling around with SOAP (WTF!). Our data is JSON, RESTful and with nice, clean docs. Spend time coding, not dealing with bullsh*t.

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Audience Builder


Coming Soon!

We're making the world easier for marketers. With AudienceBuilder, you'll be able to identify addressable markets by searching hundreds of characteristics. The perfect complement to our existing data.

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