KnowThyCustomer is a scalable, customizable solution perfect for any industry. Whether you’re interested in our web reports or our API, we’re confident that we’ll work for you.

Use Cases

Get your fraud analysts set up with KTC. Look up questionable sales to see if the purchases were made by real people.
Travel & Hospitality
Mitigate chargeback risk. Catch discrepancies and innacurate data ahead of time.
Customer Service
Enhance your CRM. Combine our data with your existing data to give reps more customer insight.
Marketing & Lead Gen
Reach more customers by appending our data to yours. Add emails, names or phone numbers to your lists.
Real Estate
Look up millions of properties to find the owners’ names & contact info. Use this info to generate new business.
Law Firms
Research clients or witnesses. Find contact information that you need to send out subpoenas.


  • Web reports

  • API

  • Batch Processing

  • Customizable

  • Multiple Users

  • PDF Downloads

  • Advanced Search Options

  • Dedicated Reps

We can create a custom solution perfect for your company.