Address & Property API

Begin by entering an address. See the owners, property details, deeds, and much more.

Easy Access

Professional API
Our data is JSON & RESTful. Perfect for speed & scalability.
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Easy to use UI
View full reports in a browser. With deep-linking, your whole team can access reports easily.

Data Includes

  • Address

  • Owners

  • Deeds

  • Loans/Lender Amounts

  • Square Feet

  • Assessed Value

  • Last Assessment

  • County Assessment

  • Year Built

  • Tax Assessment

  • Latitude & Longitude

  • Bathrooms/Bedrooms

  • Construction Type

  • Land Use

  • Sex Offenders Nearby

Business Uses

Update Your Records
Make sure you have the latest addresses for your customers.
Validate Identities
Match our data to your records to make sure the information adds up.
Generate Leads
Search addresses to find owner information and how to contact them.